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Bookkeeping is the process of recording and organising all business transactions that take place.

This includes generating financial reports, payments, invoicing and making sure financial records are up-to-date. Are you the one currently doing this? Imagine the amount of time you could save if you handed this over to a qualified full-time bookkeeper.

Choose ADVOCA and you will still have managerial control while the daily accounting tasks will be efficiently handled by trained professionals.

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Benefits of our bookkeeping services

Working with an ADVOCA professional bookkeeper enables you to focus more on your business

Standard bookkeeping

One of the first jobs in bookkeeping is to maintain the ledger. This often involves setting up accounting software and linking it with your bank account. At Advoca we can do that for you as well as your bank reconciliations.

Monthly reporting

Some of the bookkeeping services we offer include producing a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, aged payables report, aged receivables report, and a cash flow forecast.

Accounts receivable

We can advise you on payment terms, monitor ageing receivables, and chase overdue accounts. It almost always helps to have someone from outside the business making awkward phone calls about late payments.

Filing taxes

We keep tabs on tax collected and file reports with SARS. Our bookkeeping team will also help ensure the business is in a position to pay income tax when required.

Additional Bookkeeping Services

At ADVOCA we are experts across a variety of industries and services, including all bookkeeping tasks, as well as some niche services like:

  • Job costing and back costing
  • Cash flow between buying supplies and back costing
  • Processing online payments
  • Cross-border sales taxes, multi-currency, and exchange rates
  • Staying on top of the cost of goods sold
  • Managing inventory
  • Tracking project profitability
  • Managing contractor and staff expenses

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